Friday, October 11, 2013

Too Many To Count

Cookbooks! Cookbooks! Cookbook!  Yes, I have an affinity for cookbooks.  I have quite a selection too!  Been collecting them for about 40 plus years I guess.  I have inherited loved ones cookbooks, I have purchased vintage charmers at my favorite thrift shops.  In the beginning years of my collection I belonged to a cookbook book club where you purchased several to start at a very low price and then once a month you purchased an additional one till your commitment was complete.  That was fun.

Finding a place to store all these is always a challenge - a very fun challenge though.

My favorite cookbooks tend to be those compiled by clubs or church women who include all their tried and true recipes.  These are the best - who would want to put a yucky recipe in a book with their name attached?  I have quite a few recipes actually published in cookbooks like this too. 

Funny thing about all my cookbooks?  I really don't use them a lot when I am looking for a recipe.  More often than not I go to my computer and google the desired culinary creation.  The cookbooks are more for reading like a novel almost - they encourage my homekeeping and cheer me on.

How about you?  Have a favorite cookbook you can't live without?  Would love to hear about it in the comment box.

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Teri said...

Such a lovely collection of cookbooks! As I have been married for 45 years ... I seem to use my recipes that have been in my recipe box for many years. We do try a new recipe every now and then. I have a few cookbooks that are favorites. It would be so hard to choose just one or two. I loved seeing the titles of your collection. Very nice! Have a blessed weekend! Hugs ♥ Teri