Thursday, June 15, 2017


Her name is Daisy.  Daisy Grace.  Last week she celebrated her 1/2 birthday - 6 months old June 6.  In my last post I promised as Paul Harvey would say to tell you the rest of the story so let's begin.

Several months ago I began wanting to get another dog.  Dutchess our yellow lab has been gone quite a while and I missed the companionship that is unique to having a dog in the home.  So the search began.  Of course I wanted the perfect dog.  She had to be the cutest dog in town.  She had to be the smartest dog in the campground.  She wouldn't shed a hair.  Easy to house train if not already done.  Get the picture.  The perfect dog!  Oh, and did I say this new dog shouldn't require a bank loan. At the top of my wish list was a mini golden doodle.

Precious Husband was reluctant to add to our family.  He loves dogs but after all we are now living the life of nomads on the open road in a 40 foot motorhome.  But, Precious Husband loves me.  Probably a week before finding Daisy Precious Husband added a quick brief p.s. to our breakfast prayer, " and Lord, please find Dorothy her dog."  Oh, I was excited now.  Precious Husband was on board with my desire for a dog.

We were doing some yard work at our home in Maricopa (which we sure hope to sell next fall) when I heard the sound of PUPPIES!  What's that I ask Precious Husband.  "Puppie"s he said, "over the fence behind us."   "PUPPIES? Why didn't you tell me?"

Quick as I could I was up peering over the fence.

A knock on the neighbors door and wall-la, I am holding this little white ball of fur - just a little handful, no more.  When I set her down she turned in circles to the right.  Observant husband of mine has his caution antennas up. Not me - I am in puppy love.

Because the new pups had not been to the vet yet Precious Husband asked if we could give the owner a down payment and have her checked out before deciding for sure.  Precious Husband is concerned - not me I am in puppy love.

The vet believes our little Daisy Grace has neurological damage.  She is for all intent and purpose deaf and blind.  She hears a tiny bit but doesn't understand where the sound comes from.  She has again, just a tiny bit of sight in her right eye and that is why she turns to the right.

Are you getting a little glimpse of how Daisy got her middle name?

Grace :
Webster says grace is the infinite love, mercy, favor, and goodwill shown to humankind by God.

Daisy Grace will need God's grace everyday.  As for me I am needing God's grace every moment dealing with this little pup with the special needs of blindness and deafness.  It is hard.  My patience is often worn thin I quickly admit to you.  But! God's grace!  God gave us a perfect puppy.  He does not make mistakes.  He will daily give me grace to love and care for his creation.

Grace Is . . .
A tender word • peace surpassing understanding • 
the warmth of God’s favor • calm within the storm • 
rainbows • quiet moments • a lingering hug 
• unconditional acceptance 
•  giving and receiving love 
• heart to heart forgiveness 
• the rustle of angel’s wings • an afternoon nap 
• unexpected blessings • the kindness of a friend 
• a stranger’s smile • a cup of tea and a prayer 
• belonging to God • finding promises in the Word 
• an inner knowing • the arms of Jesus open wide.    
—Ellen M.Cuomo

Love and Hugs,