Saturday, June 15, 2013

California in Pictures

After outliving 3 husband my 87 year old mother has lived the last 5 years in a beautiful independent living complex but recently suffered a physical injury and reluctantly decided to move into assisted living.  In order to help with her care and move I came to California 3 weeks ago.

While here we had our annual family reunion on my father's side of the family.  The temperature that day was 108* nearly hot as it is at home in Arizona.

On my birthday Mom was feeling pretty good so Precious Husband and I took a 30 minute drive to Three Rivers and had lunch on the river at Gateway Restaurant.

Precious Husband took this picture of him giving me a birthday kiss while we waited for our lunch.  See him sneaking a peek as he adjusted his phone for the picture.

After getting Mom settled in here new abode Precious Husband and I headed to the coast.  We have a lovely place here in Cambria for two nights.  Today we walked around the little town and snapped lots of pictures on my IPhone.  Tomorrow we will head back to Arizona and home sweet home after we have some more seafood and clam chowder of course.

Morning coffee on our patio overlooking the creek.

We had brunch at a great little restaurant called Creekside Cafe where I took this picture of the birdhouse.  We ate on the patio.

The rest of these pictures were taken as we walked down the streets of Cambria, California and also the  Pacific Ocean here in Cambria.  I am always amazed at how beautiful the flowers and vegetation are here at the coast.

Cambria by the sea!