Monday, February 20, 2017

After 33 Years of Marriage . . .

There is a big announcement to be made.  

 Can you guess what we are announcing?

Drum roll please.

Is the suspense getting to you yet?

After 33 years of marriage Precious Husband and I have adopted again.

Welcome Miss Daisy Grace Langlois born December 6, 2016 and adopted February 9, 2017.

Her name came by suggestion of this cutie:

our youngest grandson 4 year old Tanner Paul King.

When I showed him the new puppy he suggested BonBon and said it was a name from Disney.  
"Disney huh?  Well how about Daisy?" I asked.  
"Sure Daisy is great!" he said.
I chose her middle name, Grace.

Daisy Grace has a special adoption story just like our other children of course.

I have been absent for a long time but our new baby definitely brought me back to blogland.  

I will share parts of her adoption story soon and more about her name Grace.

Her Daddy, my Precious Husband, loves her and Daisy completely loves him as you can see.

Love and Hugs,