Thursday, July 22, 2010

Very Special

Last Saturday lives were reunited for a few hours.  The greatly anticipated Sunshine Acres reunion came together with about 35 in attendance.  Some of us hadn't seen each other in about 25 years.  We had a wonderful time and only regret the absence of a few that had planned to come and could not make it or forgot (shame shame on you).  We are already planning on a repeat event but in January or February when it is cooler and we can enjoy a fire pit in the back yard instead of coping with 110 degree heat. 

Personally the highlight of the whole evening was the young man in the picture above with our son Anthony.  Gary and I found each other on Face Book 25 years after leaving the Acres.  What is so special about Gary is his love for Anthony!  The minute we connected on FB Gary wanted to know about Anthony.  When plans were made for the reunion,  again the first thing Gary asked was whether or not Anthony would be there. 

When Gary and his brother Jimmy arrived they greeted everyone and passed out hugs to the other Acres' kids and then he made a straight dart for Anthony.  He parked in a chair next to Anthony and spent the whole evening catching up on Anthony's life and giving him all his love and attention.  Now this is not always easy when you are communicating with someone who is non-verbal due to his disability but it did not stop Gary from reconnecting after all these years.  This is the young man that as a teenager would come over and put Anthony is the basket of a three-wheeler bicycle and bike him all over the Acres so Anthony could have fun. 

Very special.  Amazing love in action.  Watching the two of these young men really was the most special part of the whole evening.  To see my son loved on in such a genuine and caring way made my mother's heart swell with appreciation and love.

Promises were made not to let 25 years go by before getting these two back together again.  Every Anthony should be so fortunate to have a Gary that loves him in such a special way.