Thursday, July 2, 2015

Made It To Kentucky

July 2, 2015
Guist Creek Campgrounds
Shelbyville, Kentucky

We have been on the road for nearly 2 months!  We have a beautiful country and we are enjoying seeing the variety and beauty it offers.  

In Utah we were able to spend time with family and meet some new family members.  Lots of fun reconnecting with family for sure.  

Dutch Belt cattle, something I had never seen before.  Had to call my brother, the cow guy and ask him what these unusual cattle were.  A friend on FaceBook said her family calls them Oreo Cows.  Cute.  This picture was taken near my brother-in-laws home in Utah.

From Utah we headed to South Dakota where we established residence.  I can't believe my drivers license and license plates know say South Dakota!

While we were in South Dakota we drove over to Mount Rushmore.  Amazing!  I have seen pictures before of this but it truly is amazing to see it up close and personal.  

After seeing lots of bill boards for Wall's Drug along the highway we had to stop.  Tourist trap for sure but now we can say we had coffee at Wall's Drug.  Because Precious Husband is a veteran he even received free coffee and a donut made in the drugstore.

A few more state lines were crossed before we made it to Kentucky.

One of the neat things about traveling like this in a motor home is that when we get hungry we can stop and eat whenever and wherever we want.  I will close today with a photo of a cute little house in Kanab, Utah where we pulled over and ate some lunch one afternoon.  I know you can only see the tree and picket fence in this picture but can you spot the red door?  I loved that.

Hugs and Love,