Friday, July 28, 2017

July 2017 in Pictures

We don't have internet at our campground so my good intentions of blogging more have been short lived.  We are celebrating our granddaughter's 17th birthday tonight so I am taking advantage of the access to the internet now that dinner and ice-cream birthday cake have been devoured.

Thought I would upload some pictures from our first month in Kentucky.  

The sunsets are always beautiful.

Blackberries picked along my walking path.

I take pictures now of things I want to remember.  The ole memory seems to be slipping and sliding anymore.  Yikes.

Thought this was such a cute quote.

Had to get pictures of the buffalo on our way to pick hedge apples.

On the same trip this young deer struck a pose and patiently waited for me to take her picture.

Of course I have hit several of the peddler's malls since I have been in Kentucky.  My favorite thing to do and Precious Husband loves it too (or so he says).

Can you see the butterfly?

And here is Daisy Grace meeting Shyla, our daughter Michelle's English Mastiff.  Shyla has been more than understanding to this little ball of white fur that is smaller than her head.  She seems to understand Daisy is "special".

More beautiful nature captured on my walks.

My house still sits vacant.  I think she really wants to become a bed and breakfast that I would name Delightful Once Again.  Would you spend a few nights here and enjoy waking up to fresh hot coffee and Yogurt Pancakes or Cinnamon Muffins?

Precious Husband and I helped our friend Nancy (seen below) clean and freshen up her neighbor's yard at Guist Creek.  The next morning Miss Nancy and I sat on her patio and enjoyed the view of the creek and drank our coffee.  So relaxing.  This crane stopped by for a photo shoot to my delight.

Just this week Nancy took us to Joe Huber's Farm and Winery where we had lunch and posed for a silly picture before indulging in ice-cream.  Precious Husband took home a couple of bricks of their cheese.

The grounds were so lovely and inviting.

I had never seen an apple orchard or realized how narly an apple tree is.

This mama possum was caught in a trap that was set for raccoons in the campground.  When the trap was checked the first time our friend Darrel only saw the possum but when he returned she had several babies nursing.  Being the kind man he is Darrel opened the trap but mama possum does not want to leave.  Hmmm.

So true:
The best things in life
are the people we love,
the places we've been,
and the memories we make along the way.

It has been a great July 2017 in Kentucky.

Love and Hugs,