Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Blessings Today

The boy with the smile!

Happy happy birthday blessings being sent today to our very special son, Anthony.   I think Anthony was about 4 years old in the picture above, it was taken about a year after he became a part of our family.  Today he turns 34!!

Everywhere he goes people say the same thing, "Wow, what a smile!"  We could all take lessons from Anthony because he has some special challenges and yet he for the most part is truly always smiling. 

Today I will take a birthday cake over for him to share with his friends then bring him home for the weekend.  I see lots of games of Rummy Q this weekend along with Wii bowling.  Even though Anthony is wheelchair bound he usually whips all of us at bowling ; )

Happy birthday Son - we love you!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sometimes A Sigh Says It All . . .

Yesterday I spent the whole day over at my daughter and son-in-love's caring for the 4 TLC's and brought the oldest one home to spend a couple of days with me while he is on fall break.

Today is just one of those days in Arizona where you let out a quiet sigh and think maybe the AZ heat has finally passed. 

It has just been a wonderful cool day today.

The clouds give hint of possible rain and are beautiful.

I finally have hope that my Double Delights will flourish again. 

And a day blowing bubbles on the back porch with my grandson,
well what could be better?

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Grandmother Principles

Being a Grandmother (Mémère) I so enjoy books written about or by grandmothers.  Recently I browsed through The Grandmother Principles by Suzette Haden Elgin and came upon this list at the beginning of chapter 1:

The Grandmother Principles

1. The grandmother way is the easy way.
2. Grandmothers already have tenure.
3. Everything comes to an end eventually.
4. A grandmother is a safe haven.
5. There's nothing so simple that you cannot make it complicated if you really try.
6. The most powerful way to teach is by example.
7. People with real clout don't have to throw their weight around.
8. Grandmothers don't have to be politically correct.
9. When getting somebody else to do a task is more work than just doing it yourself, do it yourself.
10. Most arguments are about who is in charge.
11. It's always safe to talk to a grandmother.
12. Grandmothers delegate.
13. A grandmother is not a quarterback.
14. Somebody has to be the grown-up.
15. No sickness or injury is so bad that panic can't make it a lot worse.
16. There are secret stories that only a grandmother should know.
17. It will be finished when it is finished.
18. Grandmothers plan for the long haul.
19. If it can't be done one way, it can be done another.
20. After you give people something, it belongs to them.
21. For grandmothers the light doesn't have to be perfect.

This Mémère truly smiled as she reflected a moment on each principle.  Mrs. Elgin has some very good points.