Friday, July 1, 2011

Alaska Here We Come

This handsome man in black is headed to Alaska with an overnight first in Seattle.  This handsome man in black is not alone - I am with him! Wahoo!  Can't believe we are going on a 8 day 7 night cruise to Alaska!  Zipped up the suitcases at 1 AM  this morning and KLOVE woke me up at 5 AM but the adrenalin is in full force so I think I will be good : - )

Precious Husband commented about the full suitcases that we wouldn't be able to bring home souvenirs but I think I have plenty of room in my carry on.  I am hoping to find a pretty vintage piece of jewelry or dainty teacup in Victoria, BC.  Such fun.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday Fun

I love to read to my grandkids when we are together and Dr. Seuss is always a fun read.  Last night we read The Cat's Quizzer and this just caught my funny bone: 

What would you do if
you sprouted a daisy?
Would you run and see your dentist?
Would you water it 
and grow more of them 
and sell them
to your friends?

Or woud you try

to grow some roses?
They’re worth a lot more.
The Cat’s Quizzer
 by Dr. Seuss

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

TLC Wednesday

So it was time to hang out with the TLC's today.  We had a good time making all kind of things with PlayDoh and then it was painting with water colors.  Fun.  

Tomorrow it will be pack the suitcases and water the plants then Friday it is off to Seattle. We will spend the night and board the ship first thing Saturday morning for 7 nights and 8 days in Alaska.  Wahoooo!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Death Is Not Dying

Rachel Barkey

Headed up to "the valley" for our Women's Ministry evening soon.  Tonight I am taking a break from our usual weekly study of Girls Gone Wise In A World Gone Mad to share a testimony of an amazing young woman who at 37 years of age died of cancer.  She left a husband and two young children but also a testimony that ministers truth.  I believe in healing but we will all die someday unless the Lord comes first.

Take a few minutes and listen to Rachel Barkey's testimony

Monday, June 27, 2011

Coffee On The Veranda

Next Sunday morning Lord willing Precious Husband and I will have our coffee on the veranda.  The veranda of the MS Westerdam in Alaska!

I know I know, I can't believe it.  I am so excited and feeling so loved and so spoiled by Precious Husband and blessed by the Lord!!

We are going with Chuck Swindoll of Insight For Living on the Inspiration Cruise Line.  7 nights and 8 days - wahoooo!

Chuck Swindoll is one of Precious Husband's favorite radio ministers.  Nearly 25 years ago he gave me the book you see below. I plan to take the book with me to have Pastor Swindoll sign it under where Precious Husband wrote in it 25 years ago

Neither one of us have ever had a desire to go on a cruise and just really aren't the fancy cruise type. When my mother went a few years ago and told me about drinking coffee on her balcony and watching the whale I thought to myself, "Wow, does that ever sound wonderful."  

Because Precious Husband loves me and spoils me like he does he decided this was the summer to make my dream come true.  We are celebrating his retirement and our upcoming 30th anniversary (November 19th) of having our lives come in contact by the gracious hand of the Lord.

When I shared this morning with Precious Husband about how excited I was he said he hoped it would be everything I dreamed of.  My reply to that is that my only real desire and wish for the trip is for coffee served to me on my balcony Sunday morning and I will be happy!!  Knowing my Precious Husband I think he will make that happen.

Better get busy these little gold heels are waiting to get packed.  I will attempt to put them on feet that may not be touching the floor much.