Friday, June 10, 2011

Cambria, California

Precious Husband chose well for us when it came to picking out a motel in Cambria for our time on the coast.  

When I come to California the first thing I notice it the vibrant color of the flowers.  This motel is just over flowing with color.  So pretty.  

Today we are meeting my cousin Linda and her girlfriend Barbara for breakfast and then a day of antiquing.  Should be fun.  Seeing more of the coastal flowers will be an added blessing.

Good job Precious Husband***

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Light in the Window

The guest room has been vacant since Aunt Jo left for her ultimate joyous destination nearly a year and a half ago.

Anthony sleeps in here amidst the roses and butterflies maybe once a month when he comes for the weekend otherwise the real estate sits unused.  It is a shame I think that it is unused so I add another light to the windows. 

A light has always been in the front window in this our new home and as long as I can remember in our previous home. 

I wonder often if my children know the meaning of the light in the window.  Do they know why mom has placed the little lamp that begins to glow with the last rays of light and the beginning of darkness all through the night in the window?  Do they know?

The little lamp (to me) is the symbol of love.  Welcome.  Hospitality.  Warmth - most of all love and hospitality. 

I pray the light represents hearts living here that are more than willing to share love and to share hospitality to whosoever would walk through the front door.  I desire more than anything that love, welcome, hospitality and warmth would be evident to anyone entering our home. 

Our children, our grandchildren and whoever else might enter our home - they are the reason for the lamp in the window.

So I pray and I wonder, Lord, who would you send to sleep under the pink rose covered bed with the light that glimmers from the recently added little lamp in the window of the Butterfly Room?  May they find love, welcome, hospitality and warmth evident in this little piece of real estate.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Latest Fav!

I Lift My Hands

Chris Tomlin | Myspace Video

Another amazing song by Chris Tomlin.  Love his music.

Precious Husband and I are looking forward to quality time on the beach in California this week.  We are leaving here on Wednesday early.  First stop will be Tony Roma's so Precious Husband can get his beef rib fix. This will be my third birthday in a row that we will celebrate with clam chowder at Duckie's in Cayucus.  Love to create memories and traditions.  After the coast we will head inland for family reunion at my brother's ranch in Tulare on Saturday.  Should be a great week.