Friday, July 5, 2019

Shopping From Home

Had to include Mr. Itsie here too.

Home Sweet Home.

I love the sound of that.  I love my home.  I have always loved the home the Lord has supplied me. 

 When I lived at the Acres I lived in several different abodes.  We began our 12 years with the children  living in the little white house that served as an infirmary for the children that would get sick with various colds, flue, and misc. childhood illnesses.  Jason and I had two rooms that served as our bedrooms and then shared the rest with the sick children from time to time.  

Later I became a houseparent and Jason and I had an apartment that was part of the dorm.  10-12 kids called me "Aunt Dorothy" and our home was filled with lots of activity on many levels

When Precious Husband and I married we were still at the Acres and we lived in a double wide mobile home.  I loved opening my home to the older and often single people that also were at the Acres.  Muffins and coffee were served often.

Hey, I have completely gotten off track with this post.  I typed out Home Sweet Home and then my mind and my fingers totally took off in another direction.

My original intent here was to share the fun I have of shopping in my home and redecorating or freshening things up quite often.  That is what all the above pictures is about.  I just got in the mood one day recently and started changing bedspreads and went wild.  Everything came from what I had in the closet or in another bedroom.  

It was fun and I came away feeling good about fresh views and feels and it did not cost me a thing.  What's in your closet?

Blessings and Joy,

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

First We Have Coffee

First We Have Coffee by Margaret T. Jensen is one of my very favorite books ever.  She has written several books but this one shares her background as a child growing up.  Look it up and enjoy a good summer read.

Blessings and Joy,

Sunday, June 30, 2019

I miss my blog!  I miss coming here to share my heart.  
I miss the encouragement the Lord gives me when I share my heart - my thoughts.

My photos say it all today so well.  Love never fails.  God never fails.  Love never fails!

When I opened my photos to blog this one above showed up first.  
It made me smile - it made me smile BIGTIME!

Anthony was out and about with his day program at Bass Pro and was surprised to run into his cousin Justin who works there.  Justin snapped this pic and sent it to me.

Anthony, you have always been known for your smile 
and it continues to be true.  

Your Momma loves you Sunshine!

Joy and Blessings,