Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Warmth

With the arrival of fall comes a new warmth.  Not warmth that high temperatures of living in the Valley of the Sun bring but an inviting hospitable warmth.

Warmth of lighting candles as the sun sets in the evening.  It is very normal for me to have a candle burning on the kitchen island from the start of my day.  It sets a mood if you will.  But when the sun sets lighting more candles gives such wonderful warmth to a room and to a heart.

I think I have shared before that my favorite time of the day is supper time.  We eat supper about 6 PM and now the days are shorter and I can go around the house and bring down the shades by supper time.  Shut us in and the world out for the day.  

Truth be told here I make soup even when it is *110 degrees outside but now with the coming of fall and cooler evenings I get interested in new soup and bread recipes and start thumbing through my cookbooks.

Give Precious Husband a bowl of ham and beans and he is a very happy guy.  Add some Jalepeno Cheese Bread from the bread machine and yummy, supper is wonderful.  Something I have tried to share with my daughters is that making a meal does not have to be difficult.  Beans and Ham has to be one of the easiest dishes I make.  Add the convenience of putting a few ingredients into a bread machine and pushing the button - walla - couldn't be easier or more tasty.

For sure I welcome Fall with all the warmth it represents.  Lit candles, homemade soup, fresh hot bread, mmm mmm mmm, comfort, warm fall comfort.


maria said...

Here in the mountains, Autumn becomes a special event. With all the fairs and festivals...apple & cheese, heritage days, wool day... Autumn is a celebration!

Thank you for stopping by my humble space Dorothy... knowing that there are others out there that can relate to loving and taking care of a disabled child/adult, fills my heart with joy. :)



Teri said...

Dear Dorothy...not sure just how I happened upon your "little space" ... but so happy that I did! Such a warm and cosy little home that you share here! I love the fall season and all that it offers ... many of the sweet pleasures that you have shared here! I look forward to browsing your past postings! Sweetest Blessings ♥ Teri