Sunday, October 14, 2018

This past week found me delightfully happy to put a big check mark on one of my heart desires.  

I often have seen pictures on FaceBook of butterfly gardens or butterfly sanctuaries where the gentle delicate little fairies fly by the hundreds.  Being such a butterfly lover I wanted to experience being in their presence as I had seen in photos.

Along with some friends we went to the Arizona Botanical Gardens.  In my 45 years of residence in Arizona I must admit to never having been there.  I know, tsk tsk but it is true.  Amazing things in our own state.  

On our walking tour we saw some butterflies in the part of the garden that was butterfly friendly.  BUT then we came around the corner to find a butterfly pavillion filled with my favorite creations in all their glory.  Oh, be still my heart.  Such a treat.  Such beauty.  Such a blessing to walk among the butterflies and enter their world.

See and feel the flutter of butterfly wings? Yes, seen it and done it -- thank You Jesus.

So next morning as I take Daisy outside for her morning ritual I find this:

Beautiful morning glories shining in the morning sunshine.

A couple butterflies were enjoying the cool morning too flitting among the lantana flowers but I couldn't snap my camera quickly enough to capture them.

I am reminded that you can travel many miles in search of beauty and inspiration but if you look closely you will find beauty and inspiration in your own home and your own backyard.

Blessings & Hugs,