Friday, August 28, 2015

Beauty in Photo

I really do enjoy taking pictures as we travel and especially when I go for my walks.  Will try from now on to do a weekly post with pictures of the week.


These pictures above were taken at Williamsburg, Virginia.  My nephew Robert and his wife Chrisse drove us there to enjoy the history of Virginia.  We had a delightful day.

Robert and Chrisse took us to Virginia Beach and out to the Naval Base where Robert is stationed.  We enjoyed a wonderful seafood dinner with them too.

While we were in North Carolina Precious Husband drove me to Blowing Rock where Jan Karon lived when she wrote the Mitord Series.  Father Tim is the central character and ministers in the Episcopal Church.  We visited with a nice gentleman that was caring for the grounds in front of the church and he encouraged me to take all the pictures I wanted to.  He said "Jan" fellowshipped there about seven years and based Father Tim's church on it.

Episcopal Church of Blowing Rock, North Carolina

This little gal sits beside the Blowing Rock Library where I was able to find a children's book by Jan Karon on sale for $3.  I was happy to find such an appropriate souvenir to take home with me.

We had a wonderful lunch at the Six Pence Pub where it is rumored Father Tim had his daily lunch.

The flowers in Blowing Rock were all so pretty.

Of course we had to have ice-cream before we headed for home.

On another day trip we visited Salisbury and the train museum.  We rode the train and walked and walked through several large buildings to view the history of the train there in Salisbury.

We had lunch at a little place in Salisbury and saw this mural.  It is beautiful and covers a large old building.

This colorful mural was painted by Cynthia Arthur-Rankin, a native of Salisbury, North Carolina.  It was begun in the late seventies and completed in 1981 after three years of work.  It represents many famous Salisbury landmarks at the turn of the century.

Hope you have enjoyed my photos of our travels.  Precious Husband and I constantly find ourselves saying what an amazing country we live in.

Love and Hugs,

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Yellow Bowl Travels to EKU!

We headed to Kentucky in May to attend our oldest grandson Tristan's graduation from high school.  We are so proud of him.  Tristan has studied hard and graduated Summa Cum Laude.  He began classes this week at Eastern Kentucky University with a full scholarship and hopes to get into law enforcement.  He will be living on campus in Burnam Hall, the honors dorm.

Friday Tristan's dad and mom helped him move into his dorm room and Michelle sent me this photo.  

Do you see it?  The yellow bowl!  It seems when getting ready for his move Tristan informed his mom that he was only taking the practical and useful things he felt he would need.  He was packing light.  When they arrived and unpacked, low and behold Michelle spotted the yellow bowl.  "Why did you bring this?" Michelle asked.  "You can't make cookies in your dorm room."

Tristan's answer to his mom, "It reminds me of Mèmére.  I can eat popcorn out of it."

Be still my heart.  Boy did I smile big when Michelle sent me the picture and text.  

The yellow bowl continues to make for blog posts and for precious memories.

Love and Hugs,