Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Has Arrived!

 I guess it is a toss up between fall and spring when asked which season I like the best.  Because the heat is so harsh in Arizona I think fall tends to win the title of favorite season because it brings cooler days and they are so appreciated.  When you appreciate something it will always cause it to be more special.

Yes, we finally have the air off and the windows open!  Fresh air!  Days when the round face displaying temperatures finally stays under a hundred at 3 PM and wakes you to 68 degrees of sunshine in the mornings.

Having coffee on the patio is once again such a wonderful part of our day!  This past weekend we enjoyed fresh strawberry scones along with that coffee  :-)

I so enjoy pulling out the boxes of fall decorations to officially end summer and welcome fall to our home.

It has been so long since I put up a fresh post I wondered if I would still know how - but hey, it really did all come back to me quite easily.  

Hope you are enjoying the change of season in your home as much as I am.

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