Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Memories

Every year it is the same senerio.  I haul out my little Charlie Brown Christmas tree and my bucket ofmemories to decorate it and my Precious Husband shakes his head.  As we walk through stores Precious Husband points to the BIG and beautifully decorated trees and says, "Now THAT is a Christmas tree!"

I persist with my Charlie Brown tree and enjoy every minute of hanging all the decorations and remembering the history of each one.  I put the tree upstairs in the loft where we will gather with the family and open our gifts together Chirstmas Eve.

This ornament is of a Cracker Barrel and we got it in Kentucky.  Our daughter, son-in-love and three grandchildren there live within walking distance of the Cracker Barrel.  We shared Christmas with them 2 years ago.  We will miss being together around the tree this year.

This little elf sat in my parent's Christmas tree when I was growing up.  It is OLD!

Reminders of the Fruit of the Spirit.  Always good to remember . . . 

Here is our son,  Anthony in 1983.  He was 7 and cute!

This one is hard to see but of Jason, our oldest son when he was in kindergarten.  
Wow, 35 years ago!

These little bells were on my bridal shower cake which makes them 27 years old.  
Every year I hang them close to the top of our tree.

Here is one of the many lollypops my mother made us when the kids were young.  Mom is 83 and still loves to create with her hands.

Finally this star tops the tree and it also topped my childhood tree.

So many memories and so much love remembered.  It may be a Charlie Brown tree to some people but I will keep it and let it continue to make me smile as I remember back.

Last year I purchased some ornaments that I hope this year to attach pictures of the 7 grandchildren to and add more memories and love to the tree.  The little face below just has to adorn the tree don't you agree?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Challenge For Sure

Who would think taking one little picture would be so difficult!?  

"Be still, don't move, look this way EVERYBODY.  For goodness sakes, SMILE!"

My four little TLC's just about wore me out yesterday trying to get this picture with the santa hats on.  Finally got one with 3 out of 4 were looking at me.  It is pretty pathetic when you have to resort to dramatic begging.  Yes, I begged and added dramatic pleadings.  

On a cute and much more positive note I must tell you about Thomas, TLC #4.  The minute I put his hat on he responds in a deep voice, "HO HO HO!"  Just too cute.  

Grandkids, you gotta love them and so definitely worth the challenge : )

Ho Ho Ho!