Thursday, May 7, 2015

We Are Off Like A Turtle!


Well, we are getting down to the nitty gritty.  We have "practiced" the RV life for nearly 3 months now here in Mesa and this Sunday we will pull out for the first maiden voyage in Miss Adie.

What an experience going from a two story 3700 square foot house to a 40 foot motor home.  Deciding what to take and keep and what to pass on.  Oh, the emotional pain it has brought a few times.  In the scheme of things what we are doing to live this adventure will be well worth it though.

Mom gave me the little turtle you see above years ago.  It is a poor picture but she is holding a planter with flowers on it and it is filled with mint from my yard.  Once upon a time I collected (among many other things) turtles.

The RV life demands that you carry only that which is necessary but in my case also that makes me smile and this little turtle makes me smile.  

Next week we start out headed to Ogden, Utah where we will visit Precious Husband's brother and his family.  From there we go to Kentucky via South Dakota where we will take up residency with driver's licenses and license plates.  Oh my, who would have thunk it :-)

Before I close I want to remind you that one of my main reasons for blogging is to communicate to my family and with that in mind I want to tell my children something today.  My precious husband, your father,  is the most generous and most kind man in the whole world and you children are blessed to be able to call him "dad"!

Love and Hugs,