Thursday, July 11, 2019

What I Am Wearing Today

 Don’t shine so others can see you.  Shine so that through you others can see Him.
—C.S. Lewis

I ran across this quote of C.S.Lewis on FaceBook recently.  
It was a new to me quote.  

A day or two later I was in my happy place, I mean Hobby Lobby and found these cute encouraging reminder bracelets.  I couldn't resist them, especially being 50% off too.

Each bracelet shares sentiment that I find so fitting and true.  
Encouragement I like to be reminded of daily.

So guess what?  Each day I am getting up and getting dressed
 and then choosing my cutesy bracelet to wear for the day.

In my next blog post I will share what else I think is important
 to put on when getting dressed in the morning.  Stay tuned.

Joy and Blessings,