Thursday, August 9, 2012

Teacup Thursday - Tea & Toast

Tea and toast anyone?

Lately I have been drawn to these little cuties.  Tea and Toast they are often referred to as.

This one I found recently while out junking.  I love that it is just a little different in that the "goodie" side is small.  Would only hold a small indulgence.  The roses on this are so pretty.  I love anything with cabbage roses on it.

Precious Husband bought these for my birthday this year in Prescott.  I just wanted to buy one but he insisted on bringing both of them home.  They are just so sweet.  I love the colorings on both of them.  They would hold considerably more "indulgences" as the toast side is bigger.


Then below is one of my dessert pieces in the Sandwich Glass pattern.  I have several of them now picked up also while junking.  I can serve cake and punch to quite a few now.

Here is a closer look at the pattern.  I have collected quite a few serving pieces of this Sandwich Glass including full size plates with cup indention for snacks or a meal really.  I have several bowls and also a punch bowl and cups.  One of the grandchildren broke the punch bowl base when they were little so that gives me something to look for now when I am out and about.


Magnolia Cottage said...

Dear Dorothy,
Your teacups and matching plates are beautiful. I love the rose patterns. I love treasure hunting for pretty teacups too! I'm your newest follower. Thanks for stopping by!Looking forward to more visits.

janice15 said...

Lovely they are I have a whole set of the Blue with the Tea Pot and all.. I bought it last year on line and I just love it.. My grandchildren and me had a tea party with them.. it was great.. These are very pretty with the snack piece and I like the other color too.. Janice