Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Memo: His Name is Bullwinkle

His name is Bullwinkle (of course) and he was sitting on the shelf looking for a new home.  I immediately took his picture and text it to my first born grandson - Tristan - the Kentucky boy.  "Would you like this guy to keep in your room?" I ask him.  

His response came in true Tristan form, "Sure, if it comes full of cookies!"

So we paid the lady and brought the moose home with us.  He didn't sit on the table long till I knew with all his personality that he needed a name.  Bullwinkle came quickly to mind and seems fitting.

Bullwinkle will have to wait on the shelf in the closet till we make a trip to Kentucky by car since I would never trust him to those burly men who throw the suitcases on the planes.

Now what kind of cookies do you think I should fill him with when we do drive to Kentucky?  Chocolate Chip would be my guess.

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