Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Beauty of Friendship is Everlasting

Teary mist clouds my vision for a moment but I quickly come back to the memory of the giver of the gift and I smile if only in my heart.

Cleaning out my nightstand drawers this morning and there it is.  The small tin that once years ago held a fragrant candle.  Special friends, once in a lifetime friends know what you like and the gift or accompanying card always have just the right words.  So it is with this empty can.  My dear friend Dolores gave it to me.  Dolores has gone to be with her Lord and Savior and my misty eyes are the result of no longer having her here.  But then I read the message: the beauty of friendship is everlasting and then I smile.  It is true; I will always have her friendship in my heart.

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