Friday, April 2, 2010


I love having weekly consistent routines.  Friday when I get up I automatically know it’s Friday and I pull the sheets off the bed and remind Precious Husband he can throw the towel on the floor cause they are going in the laundry.  No thinking about what needs to be done.  It’s Friday I do the sheets and towels.  Just makes homekeeping easier somehow.

Grandkids will be here for Easter dinner so I have lists to make and things to do.  Looking forward to fun in the back yard looking for eggs and eating what else? Carrot cake : )

This special Friday the sheets and towels are in the laundry but more importantly the knowledge that this day is special and most important.  God gave His ultimate gift of love to me with the crucifixion of His son Jesus this day.  This focal point has been on our calendars a long time but for the Child of God it becomes more important every year as we grow in our love and knowledge of Who He is that gave His life that day.

I am off to continue my Friday routine and because I can do it without thought now it in turn frees this Child of God to put her thoughts on the One who died for me today.

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