Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Humor

When Aunt Jo lived with us we had hospice workers coming in during the week to help me with her shower and other needs.  All the hospice people were delightful and we came to view them practically as family.  

Leona was the chaplain that would come and sing for Aunt Jo and read the Word.  Leona was one of the workers that won my heart.  She was just always so chipper and we usually shared a good laugh before she left along with spiritual encouragement.

On one particular day she came and as we passed my bedroom door on our way to the loft where Aunt Jo was waiting Leona stopped.  She looked in my bedroom and asked me, "Do you make that bed?!"  Well, the question caught my funny bone and I started to laugh.  Well, of course I make the bed everyday I told her.  Then she laughed too and said, "Oh, no that's not what I really meant.  It's just all those pillows - do you make it and have to put all the pillows back on every day?"

Yes, our bed has 8 sleeping pillows covered with 10 bed pillows.  18 pillows is a bit much - but my Precious Husband likes his pillows.  Most mornings when I am making the bed now and putting on the 18 pillows I think of dear Leona and smile.


Paul said...

Cats love them too!!!

Michelle King said...

I am glad you are feeling better! I feel motivated to get my own TA-DA for the day. Hope Ava cooperates.