Monday, March 22, 2010

Yellow Bowls

What is up with all the yellow bowls you ask? Memories, sentiment and fun! First the fun. Saturday I got to go antiquing - my most favorite fun thing to do alone. For about three hours I lost myself amidst what some may consider clutter but my heart calls memories and sentiment. I love to see things and wonder what their history is and who it was that loved and cared for them. I love to get ideas to bring home and repurpose something I may already have in my cupboard. Precious Husband does not know how I can go out and come home so excited even when I have not purchased a thing.  Poor guy  just doesn't get it.

Back to the yellow bowls. When I was growing up in the (yikes) 50's and 60's my mother had the four nesting bowls made by Pyrex and she used the large yellow one to make chocolate chip cookies - my dad's favorite. I can still see that bowl heaped to the top with dough that was quite hard to mix by the time the chips and nuts were added. So that is where the memory comes in - remembering my own childhood and the yellow bowl. Now I have a set of those same Pyrex bowls and I too make chocolate chip cookies in the big yellow bowl for my kids and more recently for my grandkids. With Tristan my first grandson I would stand him on the little oak (child's) chair up to the counter and while we made cookies I would tell him about my mom making cookies in a bowl just like this one. When Tristan would come for a visit I would ask him if he wanted to get the yellow bowl out and make cookies. His answer was always the same, "Yes!  I'll go get my cookin' chair Mémère!"

For sentimental reasons and to add to the memories I decided to seek out more yellow Pyrex bowls so I could give each grandchild one of his or her own. Tristan, being the first born grandchild already has his bowl and we get it down and make chocolate chip cookies every time I go to Kentucky to visit.

A year or so ago I found one more bowl and then this weekend I found two more. So I am well on my way to having a bowl for each grandchild.

I have a tract published by the Tract League of Grand Rapids MI and I am showing you a couple of pictures here because it has the yellow bowl pictured on it. Looks just like the 50's doesn't it?  Let me share the recipe here with you too that is in the tract:

Recipe for Thanksgiving:
Two Teaspoons of Trust  (Matthew 11:28-30)
One Cup of Contentment (Philippians 4:11,12)
Three Tablespoons of Gratitude (Colossians 1:12-14)
One Teaspoon of Faith (John 3:16,17)

Good recipe to keep in the family cookbook for sure!

So yes, I had a wonderful time antiquing and adding to the memories, sentiment and fun!  Hope you had a good weekend too.

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