Friday, March 19, 2010

Fill My Cup, Lord

One of my all time favorite authors has to be Emilie Barnes.  (Side note is that she is the only author I have ever attempted to communicate with and I was so impressed when she responded with a hand written note.  How neat is that?)

I totally attribute to Emilie my special fondness for teacups and in a later post I want to share about my dearest friend Dolores who started my teacup collection.  Dolores is the epitome of what Emilie Barnes writes about in her books.

Today I want to share a portion of one of Emilie Barnes' books,  Fill My Cup, Lord. . . with the Peace of Your Presence.  This portion comes from chapter one entitled A Word For Thirsty Souls and is based on Psalm 23:1  The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

Whatever your circumstances, you, too, can hold up your cup and it will be filled.
If your cup is polished and dry hold it out for the Lord's plentiful pouring.
If your cup is full of the old and the unsatisfying, hold it up for the Lord's cleansing.
If your cup is cracked and broken, hold it up anyway, for the Lord's resources are plentiful and can keep even leaky cups replenished.
Come to him as you are, cup in hand, and hold it up to receive his blessings.
And then you will say, as I have said over and over again in wonder and amazement—
"Surely . . . my cup runneth over."

I need my cup filled everyday, some days certainly more than others.  May we lift our cups to the Lord today and join Emilie in saying, "Surely . . . my cup runneth over."

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