Monday, March 1, 2010

It Works For Me Tip

When ever you get together and study the Proverbs 31 woman someone inevitably  brings up the fact "yes, but she had servants".  Today's Christian woman has servants too.   Have you ever counted yours?  I have a fridge that keeps my food fresh and handy right in my kitchen.  I have a vacuum cleaner that works so hard chasing the endless hair from our dog.  I especially appreciate my washer and dryer that provide me with fresh clean clothes without having to trudge them out to the laundry in town.  I won't even begin to list my servants in the kitchen.  I am spoiled for sure but Precious Husband says I am not spoiled, just loved.

With the many servants come various instruction booklets and that brings me to my tip.  Normally these booklets were piled together in my pantry and it was a pain going through all of them to find what I needed if I had a question about my microwave or something.  So last week I gathered all these bundles of information together in a three ring binder with sheet protectors.  Now it is so simple just to leaf through and find what I want.  It sits neatly on the shelf too instead of a messy pile.  It works for me.

Yes, like the Proverbs 31 woman I too have servants and I sure appreciate all of them.  Now to get that washer going and the vacuum busy chasing the dog hair.  It's Monday.

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