Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cookbooks - Cookbooks - More Cookbooks

What goes hand in hand with collecting dishes -- cookbooks of course.  Makes sense to me at least.  When we moved into our new home a couple of years ago I was thrilled to find cupboards on one side of the large kitchen island that made the perfect place for my cookbooks.  More are stashed in a basket on top of the fridge and usually you can find several by my chair on the floor of my office.  But guess where I get most of my recipes lately?  Using Google on my computer.  Last night it was baked fish using Panko, one of my latest favorite culinary finds. 

Recently I promised my youngest daughter that I would come over and we would take a couple of days and cook  cook  cook.  Hope to fill her freezer with handy meals to help her out on busy mommy days.   So I am browsing my cookbooks and reading lots of once-a-month type cooking websites gathering ideas to make our cooking venture a real success.  As Martha says, "It's a good thing."

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