Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fun in the Empty Nest

Precious Husband and I started married life with five kiddos leaving very little time for just the two of us.  Fast-forward over 26 years and we are now empty nesters.

As a Titus 2 woman my goal is to show our daughters by example how to always keep their husbands number one in priority.  Both our girls have their hands full with their children to be sure but what I want them to know is that this is just a season in their life.  Children grow up quickly and leave the nest and hopefully as wives we have built a strong healthy relationship with our mate that will continue to grow in the empty nest.  God comes first in our life as a Christian woman but then our husband followed by our children.

If you know me you know that I really, really, really love dishes.  I think it will be fun to show off some of my thrifted finds in future blogs.  Precious Husband always smiles when I come home with a treasure cause he knows I will have fun putting it to use or finding a special place for it.  Now that it is just the two of us for meals I have fun setting the table with my thrifted treasures.  Mix and match, seasonal, whatever works and whatever the mood.

My big challenge -- finding room for my fun finds.  My good motherly advice -- put husband first and maybe even serve him on a special plate -- the kids will smile.

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