Sunday, March 14, 2010

What Says Home To Me?

Emily at is asking the question, "What says home?"  l I thought I would link up and share because it is one of my very favorite subjects : )

When you come in our front door the first thing most people notice is the wall pictured here:

This says "home".  Home is where memories are made and love is shared -- somedays in amazing ways and somedays just in everyday ways but shared none the less.

More than anything else I want my home to say, "there is a welcome here, there is love to be shared with you here". 

If you are visiting from Emily's link you can read more about our family at this post

Thanks for sharing in what my home means to me.


melissa said...

i love all your family pics around the cute! and thanks so much for your encouragement! hope to have you back soon!!

Adoption Mama said...

Great way to display the love in your home. Thanks for visiting my blog. Meeting fellow adoptive parents is always encouraging.

SmallWorld at Home said...

I love it! What a fantastic wall!