Sunday, February 21, 2010


When we married and talked of grandchildren I told my precious husband I couldn't wait to be a "grandma".  "But you married a Frenchman and will be a “mémère" (pronounced mem-may) my precious husband responded.

26 years and 7 grandchildren later I can truly say, "mémère" is the most beautiful word that has come from any of their little lips!

Truly God has given me the desires of my heart and I never for a minute want to forget His amazing blessings -- especially 7 of them that call me "mémère"!

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Anonymous said...

Trent is definitely his Memere's boy! I was talking to Dad on the phone and Trent was sitting next to me so I asked him if he wanted to say hello to his Pepere. I handed him the phone and he said, “Hi Pepere, how’s Memere doing?” It was very sweet! I don’t think he ever asked Dad, “How are you doing,Pepere?“ I know he loves his Pepere, but it was heartwarming to hear that his first thoughts were of you.