Monday, April 29, 2019

Mr. Itsie has to always be in the middle
 of whatever I am doing it seems.

Confession time.  I spend too much time on the internet and especially in blogland. But oh my stars - what delight and what encouragement I find peeking into the lovely lace curtain trimmed windows and seeing how other like minded women are living.  

Today I opened a favorite blog and she has listed some of her favorite blogs which has inspired this post.  Lady Lydia is my inspiration for all things tea.  If you have seen my big Anchor Hocking Star of David punch bowl on the dining room table it is as a result of a post Lady Lydia shared on hospitality many years ago.

Most of my favorite blogs are written by Christian women that are wives and mothers and find their purpose encouraging women to glorify the Lord in their own family and home.  So good to know we are not alone in our calling and in our walk.  Good to know other women get discouraged sometimes and read about how they find victory in Jesus.

Personally I have been extremely sporadic posting on my blog but I continue on as I feel so inspired. My intention of blogging has always been with the hope of living snippets of life for my daughters and a journal of sorts too.

Maybe tomorrow I will update my blog roll and share some good links to encourage others as I have been blessed and encouraged by.


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