Wednesday, July 8, 2015

New Boots!

Not too long ago I mentioned "never say never".  Well here is an example of never say never.  I never would have imagined wearing a pair of waterproof hiking boots!  

For years in attempting to be as feminine as possible all I wore were skirts and dresses and shoes that would appropriately go with those skirts and dresses.  I enjoyed my skirts and feminine attire.  But you know what? Femininity is more than wearing skirts and in my opinion it is more a matter of heart and character than in choice of apparel.  Two or three years ago I added jeans back into my wardrobe.

In our new motor home lifestyle I am enjoying the beauty of our country and whenever I can I try to walk and enjoy our surroundings.  Yesterday I purchased my new hiking boots so I could trudge through the greenery and off the paths to capture a photo or two.  Feel so much safer now having my feet well covered and protected from the rain drenched grounds and any little critters I may come in contact with.

So my advice is never say never.  Life changes and you just may find yourself making some new choices and changes too.

Hugs and Love,

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Deborah Montgomery said...

There are a lot of things I said I'd "never" do!! Now, unless it's immoral or illegal, i agree, never say never. Situations change and we grow and change, and we don't know what lies ahead . . . enjoy your hiking!