Monday, January 5, 2015

Putting The Memories Away

After my long absence thought I would remind readers that my blog is written as a form of journaling for me personally. It also is a tool to share memories, pictures, information/history and hopefully words of wisdom with my family.

Usually the tree is down and the Christmas decorations are put away no later than New Years and actually it is usually done on New Years Day.  This year I was a little slow and had better things to do.  The TLC's came and spent 3 days with us.  TLC's are my 4 grandchildren that live here in Arizona.  They are named with their initials forming - you guessed it - TLC.

Today I am sharing some Christmas decoration history.  The little elf came from my mom and dad and sat on our tree when I was a kid.  Sometimes he hides in our tree, this year he sat on a lamp overseeing activity in the dining room.

One of the first things that I put up at Christmas is my nativity scene.  My mother-in-law took up ceramics when Precious Husband's father died and in 1988 she gave us a beautiful nativity set, painted just perfectly.  In 1998 the little donkey caught the eye of our first grandchild, 2 year old Tristan.  Quick as a two year old can be the donkey didn't have a chance.  Tristan's mom and dad were chagrined but I got out the Elmer's glue and quickly the little donkey was given life again.  

Precious Husband and I were married in 1983 the year that Avon produced these precious little Christmas angels.  Good friends of Precious Husband gave them to us for a wedding gift and each year they find a place among the animals and wisemen.

A few years ago I found this nativity set in Kentucky half price after Christmas.  I love the sweet faces and the detail.  They remind me of Precious Moment figurines.

Look at the chubby cheeked angel with her sweet smile.

Joseph with his crook.


Baby Jesus

Memories, all wrapped up and put into storage boxes for another year.  Fewer boxes will be stored this year because I only packed the things that make me smile and have history.  We are making changes in our life this year and with that change comes a great need to downsize our belongings but this is all news for future blogs . . .

Love and hugs,

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