Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2014 In Review

2014 came and went with not one blog post from me.  I wish I had followed through and blogged the many events of our year.  Events of great adventure that I never dreamed I would participate in.  Events that changed our family forever.  Events that inspire new challenges and risks for the future.

I can't turn back the clock but I can try to improve with this new year.

March 29, 2014 found Precious Husband and I arriving at our daughter and son-in-love's home in Kentucky.  We helped our oldest grandchildren, 17 year old Tristan and 13 year old Amber pack their new suitcases and we flew on an air bus to London, England.  We spent 3 days there and then went by train under the channel to Paris, France for another 3 days.  Never would I have imagined that I would be going out of the USA!  The trip was too short but made for wonderful memories with our grandchildren.

March 29, 2014 Headed over the Atlantic

Tristan 17 years old.  Amber 13 years old.

My first thought getting on the plane, this is like an "E Ticket ride" at Disneyland!

We rode the London Eye on our first day of sight-seeing.

I enjoyed the architecture.

Cute sign where we stopped for coffee of course!

Boat ride down the Thames River

Under the London Bride

Tristan was thrilled to go through the British Museum

Teenage girls don't mind posing for the camera -
teenage boys - not so much.

Amber posing with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Amber in front of the Eiffel Tower

Tristan in front of the Eiffel Tower.  
Their Pèpére was so smart in how he photographed each of the children.  

The locks we hung on the Pont des Arts Bridge

Better close for now and continue my review and catch-up on another day.

Hugs and blessings,

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