Thursday, July 11, 2013

Adopting Again?

Even as an "older woman" adoption is still in my blood.  This adoption is not of a precious red headed 8 month old or cute little blond 3 year old but these little ladies above have come to reside in my home and they too make me smile.

I am not one to name my things like some people might name their car but I decided this is different.  These little ladies need names.  So I have decided on Mary, Jerry and Sherry.  They all sing and I guarantee they will bring a smile to even the most serious of folk.

Little Jerry came to live with me last year on my 63rd birthday.  My Mom gave her to me and she sings, "Will You Still Love Me When I Am 64?' (Beatles Song).  How appropriate huh? And yes, Precious Husband still loves me this year at 64!

Little Mary I purchased this spring with my Mom in mind but she kind of grew on me.  Precious Husband encouraged me to take her to Mom anyway so I did but she just rolled her eyes.  Well, I simply brought it right back home with me, after all who wants to be adopted into a home where someone isn't just thrilled with your presence?

Then there is Little Sherry, she was Mom's and I have always loved her and made it known so when we downsized Mom from independent living to assisted living Mom sent her home with me.

The three little ladies like quite cozy all sitting together in my sanctuary on the green chair.

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