Thursday, July 5, 2012

Teacup (and Mugs) Thursday

For the Love of Shelley

Shelley teacups and Emily Barnes that's where my teacup collection got its serious start.  Emily Barnes is a Christian writer who celebrates all things home, nesting and hospitality.  Her book, "If Teacups Could Talk" is one of my very favorite.  

(The Shelley Stamp)

As I fell in love with Emily Barnes I acquired a desire to collect teacups at the same time.  It wasn't long after that my best friend Dolores called and asked me if I would like some of her teacup collection as she was moving to Texas.  Would I ever?  Wow!  She told me some were Shelleys  but because I did not know one teacup from another I never thought anything about it.  Turns out Shelley teacups average about $85!  Needless to say my Shelley's hang on the wall safer there than in my sometimes clumsy hands.  One day I will tell you about finding a Shelley at a thrift store for just a few dollars only to drop it just as I stepped up to my car.  

Dolores is now drinking tea in Heaven and there is not a day goes by I don't think of her and miss her dearly because we had a friendship that was very special and I doubt will ever be duplicated in my lifetime.  Such a special gift she gave me in starting my teacup collection.  Teacups now are often gifted to friends in special ways and I know Dolores would be pleased.

Shelleys are easily recognized for their often fluted edges and it wasn't long after receiving my teacups that I could recognize a Shelley when out antiquing.  Now mind you I would NEVER spend $85 for a teacup not even anything close to that amount but there was a day I found a stray teacup without its saucer for $5.  I was antiquing with my daughter Michelle and she was quite impressed that I recognized the make without looking at the bottom of the cup : )  Well, I grabbed that cup up because I love having something to hunt for when antiquing or thrifting and sure enough for $6 I found the saucer on Ebay.  It was a Blue Rock pattern and I have since found a plate at Sunshine Acres Children's Home boutique and then in Kentucky last summer I found another saucer, a square serving piece and a little pitcher.  These items appeared just tossed as second thoughts on the bottom shelf of the antique dealer's booth and were priced very low.

(Blue Rock Shelley)

(Woodland Pattern)

(The Shelley dessert platter above belonged to Dolores' mother-in-law 
who served cookies on it to her guests.)

So this is the history behind my teacup collecting.  Actually I received my very first teacups from my Aunt Barbara who was married to my Dad's baby brother.  For Christmas when I was probably 6 maybe she gave me four tea and saucer sets with red roses on them.  Aunt Barbara was a very special part of my life and so these cups and saucers are very special to me also.

 (From special aunt when I was about 6)

Always fun to know the story behind something and the history and even more special to create special memories with these teacups with those I love.  Let's have a tea party soon!

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janice15 said...

Pretty Tea cups.. pricey though.. the place I visit here in San Francisco run from 26, 28, 32, and maybe a 36 at time I thought was high. but I buy what I really like and I figure I don't drink smoke or do drugs I barely go out anywhere's so this is my thing.. lol be happy right..with love Janice p.s. those wall hangers are great too.