Monday, July 18, 2011

There Is A Point To My Blurry Pics

We celebrated Taralynn's 4th birthday Saturday.  Of course I took lots of pictures but as I scrolled through them tonight I came to a quick conclusion.  There were more blurry pictures taken than good clear ones. 

 This caused me to ponder about how quickly children move through life.  They never sit or stand still that is why it is hard to snap a clear picture of them.  

Life happens quickly and I am reminded that we must take advantage of every minute as we guide and direct these precious little lives into their futures.

The "guys" modeling their new tee-shirts from Alaska.

Finally I got her to slow down long enough for a quick pose.  

Happy Happy Birthday Taralynn Love Crossman (TLC#3)  
Your Mémère and Pépère love you lots and lots!

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