Thursday, April 14, 2011

TLC#3 and Tea

TLC#3 came home with us yesterday.  Today was girl's day all the way.  

We started the day with our aprons on for breakfast.  

We gathered our purses, hankies, added some jewelry and it was off to Walmart to shop for pink nail polish.  Unfortunately the little town of Maricopa doesn't have an antique store so we were limited to Walmart.

Home from Walnut it was grilled cheese sandwiches and fresh vegges followed by a nice nap.  Amazing what the promise of fun to come will do to promote quick napping.

Peach tea served while watching Peter Rabbit movies.  These water colored delights just make my day but usually I am the one more intrigued than the child I am with.  So it was today, oh well.

Pink nail polish always makes little girls smile.

All in all we had a delightful day.  

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