Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Old Standby Revisited

Tomorrow is my day to go over to my daughter's home and hang out with the 4 TLC's but we are changing things up a bit this time.  Precious Husband is going with me so he can spend time with the kids and allow Danielle and I time to do a mega shopping and cooking day in the kitchen.  Looking forward to getting lots of good things stocked in the freezer.

In preparation for the day I automatically think about two very favorite cookbooks, Make a Mix and More Make a Mix by Karine Eliason.  These are cookbooks I have had for years and their pages show the signs of ingredients that got to close to their pages.  Hey, these are memory making stains right?

With the economy as it is making the price of groceries skyrocket cookbooks like this are so much more important.  Cooking from scratch and buying the ingredients in bulk if possible makes so much sense.

So tonight I will get my cookbooks out and get a list of ingredients going on paper and look forward to a big day tomorrow.

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