Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's All About Home!

Allow me to share some quotes this morning from one of my very favorite authors and Bible teacher, Kay Arthur.

"A sanctuary you can create, a harbor of safety for loved ones from the storms of life, your shelter in the world - from the world."

"This is part of the joy, the wonder, of being a woman.  Here you celebrate the expression of being you as you take a house and make it your home.  What you create in your setting makes it uniquely you."

"Like the fragrance of a delightful potpourri, your sanctuary is filled with the scent of a woman.  For, in large portion, the presence of you, the essence of you, permeates and sets the atmosphere of this place called home."

"You know, for you've watched the power of a gentle smile, of a non-condemnng, listening ear, of open, forgiving arms, of your words and tone of voice, the mystical effect of a soft answer that turns away wrath, the power of words of kindness and encouragement when they grace your lips . . . "

"As you walk through your home, turning out the lights, closing another day, there's a sense of satisfaction, of accomplishment, as you give one last, loving touch, putting away the remnants of the day. . . knowing that with everything in place, when you awake you can begin with a sense of peace and grace."

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