Monday, August 16, 2010

Cupcakes and Saturday

Probably 26 years or more ago a special aunt gave me a big picnic basket full of candy molds and a nice box of Wilton's decorating tips.  I use the candy molds often and have added quite a few to the basket but I never have tried my hand at decorating a cake with the tips.

This last Saturday was I believed the birthday of one of our young men that had lived in our Pampa house.  He has left the house to return to COTS so Precious Husband and I planned to attend the Saturday evening service so we could give our birthday wishes to Cliff.

Rather than a cake that would be hard to serve I made Cliff birthday cupcakes and I decided after all these years to retrieve the Wilton tips and try my hand at decorating.  It was great fun and quite easy actually to take my plain cupcake and make it so festive.  I think I am hooked and am even considering taking a Wilton class at Michael's sometime soon.

We got to church and after the service we tracked down our birthday boy only to find out his birthday is the 14th of September not August.  Oh well, the young man is in need of extra love at this time so the cupcakes and accompanying hugs and kisses were still much appreciated.  He said he will look forward to September 14th now knowing what he can expect : )

I got to use this vintage cake carrier that I wrote about here to transport my cupcakes.  Lots of fun!!

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