Thursday, July 8, 2010

Old Mother Hubbard Has A Bare Cupboard

Our church, The Chapel East Valley moved into a new building.  We recently attended our first potluck and when I packed my food to take I did so thinking our new kitchen was stocked with the basics.  Wrong.  The cupboards are totally bare.  Nada, zip, empty!  Good thing I had taken lots of plastic sliverware to leave in the kitchen but have you ever tried to serve homemade ice-cream with a tiny plastic spoon?

Well, being Thrifty Thursday you probably know where I am going with this post.  The new but empty church kitchen has become my baby - my challenge to make into a fully stocked working kitchen.  Being the queen of thrifting I am excited about having a legitimate wonderful reason to get to go thrift shopping.  I even have Precious Husband's blessing on this.  I am always seeing wonderful kitchen things for sale and at a good price so off I went this last Tuesday with my mental list in hand.

Unfortunately this week turned up nothing for the church kitchen BUT I found a wonderful vintage cake and pie carrier in mint condition.  I have wanted one forever!  Won't this be fun to take to the next potluck!

Also found 2 of my Anchor Hocking banana split dishes to add to my collection. Planning on making more homemade ice-cream for our Sunshine Acres get-together next week and thought I would use the dishes for banana splits.

Yes-siree, lots more thrifting will be happening in the future to get that kitchen in order but I really must concentrate on the church kitchen and not my own : )

Check out to see more thrifty fun finds from others.


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

...Anchor Hocking dishes...did you happen to see the pink Princess Depression Era glass dishes I found at a yard sale a few days ago? Same company as your dishes I think :) :) :) They're cute!!!

Oh, I LOVE that cake/pie carrier. How old is it? It has a really beautiful vintage look to it...I LOVE vintage stuff!!! LOVE IT!!! Can you tell I LOVE IT!!! Okay, I'll stop:) :) :)

It would be fun to get a bunch of ladies together to go thrift store shopping or something. I'll have to wait a little bit before I go out for a yard sale again :) :) :) I love yard sales too!!! ..always find good things.

Love and hugs, Heather :) :)

p.s. Keep me udpated on the church kitchen!!!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

OH, forgot to mention that I LOVe the new background on your blog. Where did you find it???

Hugs, Heather :)

Rita E said...

Wow, that's an awesome find! What great fun you'll have stocking up that kitchen. Enjoyed your post ... thanks for sharing!

Persuaded said...

I have been wanting one of those pie/cake carriers as well... yours is nifty-ness itself♥

What a sweetie-pie you are to set up the church kitchen like that. I love your heart of service, dear friend.