Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why I Love Being a Mémère

 Pépère and Thomas (TLC#4) sharing a chorro at Disneyland
(the crumbs give him away)

Got a call from Trent (TLC #1) this morning with his sister and 2 brothers in the backround.  "Mémère, we don't remember the song about the little light and we are trying to sing it." 

On the way to California with the four littles I sang "This Little Light Of Mine" and they chimed right in and we sang it over and over.  Thomas (TLC #4) at 16 months remembered the part "oh no!"  So I sang the song again to Trent today and then of course he wanted to know if I could come over to his house today.

Makes a Mémère's heart smile and sing all at the same time.


Beautiful pear tree lane said...

What an adorable post. thanks for sharing.

pcrossman said...

SO SWEET! They do love their Memere & Pepe!

That trip was so awesome, I LOVE that Dad bought the grandkids rocks at the dinosaur gift shop!!!

That sends a very clear message, doesn't it? You two make great parents, but I would rather have u both as grandparents, b/c that's really living!

Must be nice to be showered with gifts, love, & attention by two people that think you're perfection.

Likewise, I am also wondering when u can come over to Trent's house... ;)