Monday, June 21, 2010

Glad To Be Home

 The look of excitement!  Danielle and Taralyn waiting to see the princess at Disneyland.

Precious Husband and I had a delightful two weeks and returned to our abode on Kristal Lane Friday night.  We had a wonderful time but boy does it feel good to be home again.  Definitely no place like home I am happy to state!

We started out with our youngest daughter, son-in-love and 4 grandchildren on Saturday.  By the time we reached the beach it was nearly dark but we all ventured into the water and had a great time curling our toes into the sand to keep erect.

Sunday we enjoyed the fun at Knottsberry Farm and Monday and Tuesday we took in "part" of Disneyland.  Wednesday the kids returned to Arizona and Precious Husband and I headed north.  We had a wonderful family reunion on Saturday with my father's side of the family and then on Sunday we did the same thing with my mother's family.  About 45 people both times.  Cousins I had not seen in a number of years.

Spent two nights with my mom and then one night with my brother and his wife.  Left there and headed to beautiful northern California where we stayed two nights with my sister and her husband.  When we left there we were blessed to enjoy the beauty of Yosemite National Park on our way home. 

The best part of Precious Husband's vacation was being able to visit both Reagan and Nixon's libraries.  

Lots of laundry and unpacking to do and a house to clean.  Jason house sat for us but need I say more . . .

Had a wonderful time and enjoyed our family visits so much but I am glad to be home.

Every little girls fantasy.  Taralyn was just speechless!

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Persuaded said...

Oh those pictures are just precious! My daughter loves Cinderella and would adore having a picture with the "real one!" ;-)