Thursday, May 27, 2010

First a Cup Then . . .

Yesterday I had errands to run and the time got away from me but there was still time to fit in a favorite thrift store.  Precious Husband was patient enough to wait till I finished my treasure hunt so we could meet for date night.

Several months ago I found the little Desert Rose teacup in another favorite thrift store.  It was there without a saucer and I had to bring it home because it is the same pattern that my precious friend Dolores used in her home all her married life.  I so enjoy having things that remind me of special loved ones in my life.  So, yesterday I found the lonely saucer and brought it home to complete my cup and saucer.  I love when that happens!

First the cup 

Then the saucer . . .

 Maybe not a first marriage but definitely meant to be together now.

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Prior said...

What a lucky find! That is my daughter in laws pattern. lol, about your 2nd marriage comment!

Persuaded said...

Oh! Those are one of my favorite patterns ever! My Nana used the apple pattern that is very similar and I think that's where my love of Franciscanware started♥

Enjoy your cup and saucer!