Thursday, April 8, 2010

Special Granddaughter with Even More Special Parents

This picture is of our precious granddaughter, Ava Dorothy.  Unlike myself our daughter Michelle did not choose to be the mother of a special needs child but she and our special son-in-love, Dallas have handled the challenge with amazing love and grace.  Please go here and read the beautiful post Michelle wrote concerning being the mother of a special needs child.  I am so proud of her! 


Persuaded said...

Oh my goodness!! My son came into the house this morning with a very large and interesting package... I'm sure you can't imagine what was inside, Dorothy;-)

I was just floored, positively floored by all of the wonderful, special and so very thoughtful things you included for me. I can't wait to make up an apron from one of those patterns (it will go perfectly with all my new "Aunt Bee style" summer dresses, don't you think?) the sweet little cards, the books, the bookmark (Amelia was oohing and ahhing over that!) the candle... oh so many treasures! And I now have a new cup for my morning coffee too. My dear, I am humbled that you thought to send me these things and I just love love love them♥
May the Lord bless you and your wonderful family in an extra special way today! ((hugs))
lots of love,

Persuaded said...

I went to the link you provided and read your daughter's wonderful beautiful article... how proud you must be of her!

I wanted to leave a comment there, but I don't have an account... I hope you will pass along my warmest thoughts to your daughter♥