Monday, April 19, 2010

One Man's Trash Another Man's Treasure

One of my to-do projects is to start a journal and in it write about the "things" around my home.  I often wonder when my kids are around if they look at things and wonder things like: what in the world, wonder why this is so important to Mom, and where did she come up with this?  So I thought in this journal I would just take time and tell what the attraction is about some of my treasures.

My father's rocking chair for instance has been in the family forever handed down from father to son several generations back.  My brother is not sentimental nor was he interested in the chair when Daddy died so Mom gave it to me.  Wish I had been smart enough as a young child to question my Grandmother about it and be able to tell my son just how far back it really goes.  My oldest son was the only grandchild when my Dad passed away.  Jason makes it clear that the chair is his someday.  So I guess in this case it will be handed down from mother to son.

The silverware we use daily has a story too.  When I was a very young girl my Mother's mother was visiting one day and came across a big box filled to over-flowing with Betty Crocker coupons.  Grandma turned to me and said, "Your Mom is never going to do anything with these so let's see about getting silverware for your hope chest."  That is how I came to have My Rose by Onieda silverware.  Now you know.

Maybe if I write things down in the journal the kids will at least read about the item and have a little more information before they pitch it all at the Goodwill when I am gone : ) 

Another benefit of my journal besides enlightening the children and grandchildren is that it is very heart warming to sit down and reminisce over paper all the memories behind the object that makes me smile.

I do need to move this intention closer to the top of my to-do list.

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