Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Kitchen Window

Our previous home of nearly 25 years did not have a window in the kitchen and I always missed that detail.  Our new home on the contrary has a big window above my kitchen sink and I so enjoy it.  There is a plant growing well that I started from cuttings and it threatens to take over the wide sill.  My African Violet seems healthy enough but so far is refusing to flower.  Then in the middle of the window is my little oil lamp.  This is another one of my objects with a story.  A special story.

When Jason was young (before we adopted Anthony and added Precious Husband to the mix) we invited another single mother and her daughter to join us for a Saturday road trip.  We headed to Oak Creek Canyon to picnic and see the colors of fall.  We also went into the crafty town of Jerome.  While driving to Jerome I shared with my friend Nancy about a special sermon I had heard based on Isaiah 64:8 and we chatted back and forth about the verse.  Jerome is an old ghost town that is now a tourist attraction for arts and crafts.  As we walked through one large two story building Jason ran ahead of us.  All of a sudden he came running back to us all excited and telling us to hurry we had to see something.  There was a young man sitting at the potter's wheel making oil lamps.  Jason was so excited because he had listened to my friend and I sharing about the potter's wheel and there it was for him to actually see.  Needless to say I had to purchase an oil lamp from the young artist at the potter's wheel. 

My oil lamp sits in my kitchen window and flickers brightly as I wash dishes in the evening and always brings fond memories of when God so perfectly put together a wonderful road trip with a precious souvenir as a reminder of His delightful goodness to me.

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