Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gift of Curtains

Just a year or so before we moved into our new home I purchased a set of curtains for my family room.  I really liked the curtains and especially since they were relatively new I wanted to use them in the new family room too but with several more windows here I did not have enough.  I checked Target where I bought them even though I doubted they would still carry them and I was right - no curtains.  Well, here is the point of my blog today to give the Lord praise for one of the little things that He delights my heart with.

I was out junking in one of my favorite thrift stores when I found them.  My curtains!  Like new too! I was so excited and gathered up the panels I found.  Counting them I found that I was short 2 panels.  My first thought was I will take these and just put a coordinating curtain in my adjoining kitchen but then I decided to walk back over to the domestic area of the store and look again.  Sure enough on another shelf I found 2 more panels. 

May not seem like a big deal but it is these little things that touch my heart and make me say, "Thank You Jesus!"  God loves to bless His children and He is interested in the little things too.

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Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Dorothy, my name is Sue, so nice to meet you.
I so enjoyed this post, and have experienced similar gifts by the Lord many times. The curtains are beautiful.Thanks for sharing.