Thursday, June 29, 2017

Coffee, Tea and Me

Would you believe that I have made the switch from coffee to tea.  I can hardly believe it myself actually.  Coffee has always been my go to in the morning.  Didn't think I could start my day without my hot cup of caffeine.  Then that hot mug of morning gold started losing its pizzazz.  Just didn't taste as good anymore.

So yes, I made the switch to hot tea.  You know what?  I am really enjoying my morning tea.  I am actually quite amazed at the transformation of my morning ritual.    Are you shocked?  If you know me well you probably are.

At Walmart I found this cute little wall hanging sign with the painted clothes pins.  Perfect.  I have several potted herbs that I carry in the motor home and arrange at our front door when we arrive at our various stops.  The clothe pins hold cuttings from my traveling garden and dry my herbs perfectly for my tea.  Black breakfast tea in the morning and herb tea as the day progresses.  Apple mint, lemon balm and chocolate mint are my favorites and I just added a pot of lavender to the garden.

This tea party loving gal can feel a little more legitimate now that she really enjoys tea and has put the percolator away - at least for now.

Love & Hugs,

❀ Thankful for hot tea and herbs grown fresh to make my own.


GrammaGrits said...

I switched 20 years ago. My breakfast is a blend of two parts black, one part green and one part jasmine - yummy! Try and see if you like it.

Dorothy Langlois said...

I'll have to do that. I too like to mix my teas Gramma. Thanks for the visit. I don't get many visitors or comments but I do love blogging 🤗

Debbie Harris said...

Hello Dorothy~ I just happened upon your lovely place here and will be following along with you.
I love both tea and coffee, but coffee doesn't really agree with me so I drink more tea than I do coffee. I do like a good caramel latte as a treat once in awhile. :-)
Black Currant is one of my favorites and when we visit relatives in Canada I stock up on a particular brand.

So nice to have found you.

Have a beautiful and blessed day~